Monday, February 3, 2014


Hellos Everybody!

I've another SOTD (shoes of the day) for you all. I just got these a few days ago and today is the first day wearing them out! These are Kate Spade, and I got them on a major reduction at DSW (it's where you get those shoes! *wink*). And I absolutely LOVE THEM! 

They are fuchsia plastic, with bow details on the toes with gold hardware. I you're thinking 'does that mean they're jelly flats?!' Yes. Yes it does. I have found a way to bring some of my 90s childhood into now. That's quite a rubbish picture I know. 

The model of the shoe is the Jasper in Pink. I got them at a green sticker, which is I'm quite sure 40% off, off of $79.94. Not a bad deal I don't think.

Generally I would wear pink, or in this case fuchsia flats in spring. Which I did purchase them for this in mind. But I thought 'what the heck wear 'em now and bring a pop of colour to your winter apparel!' 

Today I have paired them with a medium wash chambray button down shirt with sleeves cuffed 3/4, and a pair of black cable knit Capri leggings.

Much love & Glitter
xoxo <3

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