Friday, October 17, 2014

Zoella Beauty Haul

Hello Everybody!

I got a wonderful parcel direct from the UK today! It was FULL of Zoella Beauty Products!

So, granted this isn't everything in her collection, I couldn't get the body mist or candle since they were out of stock :(

But I did get:
  • the cosmetic bags
  • the soak opera shower cream and bath soak
  • the creamy, madly, dreamy body lotion
  • and the fizz bar

Here's my review of the Zoella Beauty Products

I love the cosmetic bags, they are so useful, I keep loads of things in them, I have all my little fragrances in the pink one and I'm keeping the fizz bar and few other misc things in the tiffany blue one ;)

I absolutely love the smell of these products, its all very fresh and light and bright. I cant pin point exactly what the top notes are, I just know I LOVE them. 

The soak opera leaves you feeling fresh and clean out of the shower, and finishing off the creamy, madly, dreamy makes your skin even softer.

I haven't used the fizz bar, since I live in a dorm, I dont exactly have a bath to use :/ ah well.

If you like anything out this haul you can purchase them at I will put the link below :)

Much love & Glitter

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