Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Laptop Issues

Hello everybody!

So I have been having some problems with my MacBook. iMovie is not letting me edit my videos and Microsoft Word  keeps quitting every time I open the program. :/ This is quite frustrating, because it causes problems for me when doing school work and when I need to edit a video for my channel. I haven't been able to post because of that. (Sorry about that everyone) And, safari is just lagging sooooo much. Harrumph.

Turns out my startup disk is full!

So I've got to go through and see what I can get rid of and what I can move over to an external hard drive. This could take quite a while *sighs* then,if it still is lagging I've got to go to apple store.

I do hope that I can have my laptop running properly soon and get videos up soon. And for now I'm trying to do as much as I can on my tablet in google drive and on the blogger app.

Hopefully everything will work out soon!

Much love & glitter
Xoxo <3

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