Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clean Brushes!

Hello everybody!

So I literally just finished cleaning ALL of my makeup brushes and let me be the first to say that that was long overdue. I haven't properly cleaned them in maybe over two weeks (Yikes!) and they were just looking so sad. 

One thing about makeup brushes is that you absolutely HAVE to clean them. I know that I personally forget to clean my brushes ALL the time, and that's how I know that you guys for get too. A very convincing reason to clean your brushes regularly is that, they get dirty with oils from your skin, bacteria and other residues and can make you break out like crazy! So do yourself a favour and clean your brushes weekly, if not more. Especially if you wear makeup everyday. Even if it seems like a huge faff, and you've got loads of brushes, just do it. Your skin and brushes will thank you for it. *cute cartoon voice: thank you!* imagine that being your skin and/or brushes. :)

Your  makeup brushes will collect tons of bacteria and natural oils from your skin. Think about how much bacteria is on your skin everyday, then think of that doubling every time you use your dirty brushes (ew). Another pro to my lovely list of brush cleaning pros is that it will make your brushes softer. Old makeup can make your brushes feel scratchy which isn't so nice for your skin. And LAST but certainly not least it will make your brushes last longer!! If that doesn't convince I don't know what will! We invest so much in our brushes so therefore we should take care of them.

By cleaning your brushes you are removing:
- old makeup
- dirt and debris
- dead skin cells
- bacteria
- oils

Wash your brushes at night so that they dry while you sleep and are ready to use the next day. Or you can clean them directly after using them.

So, if you're not quite sure what to use....
Try these!

  • Brush Shampoo - Wet your brush in luke-warm (make sure the brush is saturated completely) water and put a small amount of shampoo onto a sponge or, your palm. Swirl the brush until its been nicely lathered up. Then rinse the brush and squish out the excess water and set it to dry on a towel.
  • Olive or Almond Oil - (Best for brushes that are heavily embedded with makeup. i.e. a brush that you use for gel liner.) To cleanse with oil, apply a small amount (you don't want your brushes soaked with oil) to a paper towel and swirl your DRY brush onto the towel. You just want enough to break down the makeup. Then rinse the brush and set it to dry.
  • Baby Shampoo or Dish Detergent - Wet your brush completely, again with luke-warm water, and apply your soap of choice onto a sponge and swirl until it's had a nice lather. Rinse, squish and dry.
  • Those Brush Cleansers in a Spritzy Bottle! - just spritz your brushes thoroughly and swirl on a clean towel (paper or otherwise) until the makeup is gone from the brush. These are really better for an everyday sort of use. 
Here's a list of brush cleansers that I quite like.
  1. Elf Brush Shampoo
  2. Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner
  3. MAC Cosmetics Brush Cleaner
  4. Ben Nye Brush Cleaner (this was made for stage makeup so it works super well)
  5. Sonia Kashuk Brush  and Sponge Cleaner

Well I hope you have decided to clean your brushes if you haven't in quite a while or even ever. Make not just your makeup brushes but YOUR SKIN happy and clean away!

Much love & Glitter
Xoxo <3

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