Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Beauty Haul

Hello everybody!

So over the weekend I made a little trip to a little shop known as Sephora... I went with the remainder of my Christmas money in, hand and let's just say I don't have that money anymore. I also received a target gift card, for a lovely 60$ (thanks uncle robert and aunt leslyn!) and that also went to some cosmetic purchases...

The first two items from Sephora are the boi-ing concealer from benefit, and the bobbi brown tone corrector. 
The concealer covers everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It's advertised as an industrial strength concealer. And it's fantastic and doesn't crease, provides great coverage and I definitely recommend this product. 
The tone corrector from bobbi brown, is perfect for covering up dark spots, skins discolorations, bruises, etc. It is magic in a pot. I bought it primarily because I have dark skin discolorations below my temples and just plain concealer wasn't doing the trick. So I swapped to a combination of the time corrector then covered by concealer, and you would never know I had skin discolorations. I highly, highly recommend these products. 

Then next things I picked up were some nail polishes/paints/lacquers/varnishes! 
I bought the essie nail paints from target and I just love them, and think that they're perfect for autumn/winter. The darker shade (carry on) I will primarily wear in autumn/winter while the lighter one (sand tropez) can be worn all year round since it a lovely beige shade. 
The middle shade I am currently sporting on my nails I bought at sephora and it is gorgeous! It's their Formula X line of nail paints and I think it's called perfection(?) not totally sure. But it looks fantastic for autumn and winter. I am so in love all three shades!

These are the last three things I got from sephora. 
I bought the Naked Skin liquid foundation by Urban Decay in shade 4.0, and it is brilliant, it's light and it barely feels like you're wearing foundation made of clouds. 
I also bought a NARS blusher in the shade Gaiety, and it's just so pretty! It's gives you this slightly 'I've been out in the cold' rosiness that just look gorgeous, it's a really nice matte blusher. 
And I also got a small pot of rose radiance by bare minerals which came in a set my Mum bought and she gave it to me, because she already has a bigger version. It's a beautiful mineral blusher with gold flecks in, that just gives you a warm glow. Perfect for winter or all year round if you fancy.

Here are the two pieces of eye makeup that I purchased at Target, mascara and a new eye pencil. 
I bought the falsies volume express mascara by maybelline which I haven't tried yet but I've been wanting too for quite some time now. A lot of people swear by it so I hope it lives up to it's reputation! 
The eye pencil I bought is a pixi endlessly silky eye pencil in black cocoa, and I kid you not, it is THE best eye liner I have ever used. I only ever used to use the 24/7 glide on eye pencil by urban decay, I used to swear by it. But no longer! The pixi endlessly silky eye pencil is even better (I didn't even know that was possible) and a nice little bonus is that it's only 12$. So go and buy yourself a nice new eye pencil!

And last but certainly not least my lip products! 
The first is a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in shade 477 Black Cherry, and it's a gorgeous dark plum colour optimal for autumn/winter, but an also be worn all year round. I wore it today and got many a compliment. :) 
The next is a Revlon lip butter, I got a new one! This one is shade 027 Juicy Papaya and it's a really nice peachy color. It's perfect for spring and summer or if you want to bring a little pop of color to your winter makeup/apparel. I love the lip butters, because they're a perfect cross between a tinted balm and a lipstick, ultra moisturizing, with lots of pigment. They are amazing. 
And lastly a maybelline baby lips, lip balm in quenched SPF 20. It's just a nice clear balm to wear underneath my lipsticks and I know so many people who raved about and love these balms, but after using it all week, I'm honestly a little underwhelmed. :/ Don't get me wrong it's great and it does feel ultra sleek and smooth when it goes on, and its quite moisturizing  which is super lovely. But I think it was a bit too hyped up.

I will leave links below to where you can purchase everything I have mentioned above. I hope you have enjoyed, and found something new to try!

Much love & Glitter
xoxo <3

Boi-ing Concealer

Bobbi Brown Corrector

Essie Nail Polishes

Formula X nail polish


Bare Minerales All Over Face Color

NARS Blusher

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
(this can also be purchased at most drug stores)

Pixi Endlessly Silky Eyeliner

Revlon Lip Butter
(can also be purchased at most drug stores)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Stick
(can also be purchased at most drug stores)

Maybelline Baby Lips
(can also be purchased at most drug stores)

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