Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Where Has The Time Gone

Oh my goodness. Three months, give or take a few days, has literally flown by. 

Since the last time you all heard from me, I have committed to the University of Arizona, gone through my school musical, taken my finals, graduated from high school, gone to orientation, registered for classes, and gone on holiday. Whew. 

And I just feel awful. I have neglected this blog for three months. I also never did half of the things promised in my last post. :( I promise, I have got a post saved in my drafts on three super easy braided hair styles. I'm going to try and get that posted within the week. If I don't it will get posted by next week when I'm home from holiday.

I've also got a homeware/kitchenware haul soon. I went to Sur La Table, and found some absolutely perfect things.

So long for now,

Much love & Glitter,
Kendall xoxo

Ps. I'm thinking of changing the way I sign off from my blogs.... Might be trying some new things in e coming posts.

PPs. So've just looked over that drafted post, and there is no way I can post it this week. I don't have all the things I need due to me being on holiday. :( I'll try to do a haul this week.

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