Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ickle Bitty Mid-Week Check In Thing

Heellloooooo Eveerrrryybodyyyy!!!!

I have got a lot of enthusiasm for someone who is very sleepy and trying very very hard to adjust to the spring forward in time... It's only an hour, I know, but still it's quite difficult to wake up at what feels like 5.30AM when you're used to getting up (essentially) and hour later. *insert sad frowny face here*

So I have some positivity from my life to yours today, and that is that, number one, I've gotten a little dance solo in "Be Our Guest" (EEP!) annnnnnnd my new character shoes came in!! Ok, so that last one was really only exciting if you are a theatre kid like myself. But it's exciting ok? And now for, drum roll pleeease!, number two! IM ABLE TO POST VIDEOS AGAIN!!! YAAAAAAY! IM SO EXCITED! CAN'T YOU TELL FROM THE CAPS LOCK THAT'S ON?! OHHHH YEEAAAAHHH. New videos coming your way.

Ok, so the videos that I will (FINALLY) be posting are (in no particular order):
The Accent Challenge
Basic Theatre MakeupTutorial (possibly closer to May)
Spring Lookbook (I'm super excited for this one)

On to my last little tid bit before I bid you all adieu. As you know, I have been applying to university and awaiting responses, before you all get super excited I have received any letters recently, BUT I will be receiving my response from my top choices by the end of the month! It's super exciting and nerve wracking all at once. I will keep you all posted. So far I have got two acceptances out of six, and ZERO rejections. :D 

Much love & Glitter,
xoxo <3

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